Twitch viewers watched 60 million hours of PUBG in July

PUBG has joined the ranks of League and CS:GO.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The accolades for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just keep on piling up. Viewers watched 60 million hours of the game on Twitch last month, according to Twitch viewership data collector Gamoloco.

To put that feat into context, only two other games had that kind of viewership, and they’re two of the top esports in the world—League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

What’s even more impressive is that CS:GO only ever achieved 60 million viewers in a month when Majors were being held. And it looks like PUBG will only get bigger, with Gamoloco saying that it started off stronger this month than how it finished July.

Meanwhile, PUBG will hold its first LAN tournament at the end of August at gamescom. Esports organizations such as TSM, Cloud9, and Team Liquid will all have teams attending the event.

Just this past weekend, PUBG passed 500,000 concurrent players on Steam. So it seems like even when people aren’t watching the game on Twitch, they’re playing it themselves.