Where to find the Razor Fang in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

No new form, but the item is still useful.

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Even though Gligar didn’t get a new form to match Hisuian Sneasel in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you can still catch one and evolve it into the always-reliable Gliscor to use on your journey. 

Once you track down the Flyscorpion Pokémon, which can be found in both the Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Icelands, you can evolve it once you find the right item. 

The Ground/Flying-type evolves through the use of a Razor Fang, a sharp and pointed fang that seems as though it might be able to pierce straight through anything. This is fitting for a Pokémon known for tackling its prey’s face and using its deadly tail to pierce and inject venom into them. 

Using the Razor Fang on your Gligar at night will trigger its evolution into Gliscor, giving you a much bulkier Ground-type that can glide soundlessly through the air.

Because the Razor Fang is a rare evolution item, you can find it by traveling through space-time distortions or by catching and battling Gligar. If you find a Gligar Mass Outbreak, you can grind out several Razor Fangs easily. 

You can also purchase a Razor Fang at Ginter’s Specials in Jubilife Village for 5,000 PokéDollars or use Merit Points at the Trading Post, which will run you 1,400 MP.