When will Pokémon Home be released?

Pokémon Home will allow trainers to connect their Pokémon Bank, smartphones, and Nintendo Switch and access Pokémon from anywhere.

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Pokémon Home is an upcoming app for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch arriving in early 2020.

With each generation, the Pokémon franchise has developed new methods of transferring old Pokémon to the new games. It began with a simple cable link trade between two systems, to the Pal Park found in the DS system, and finally to the Pokémon Bank service for the 3DS. The newest iteration of the process is Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home was announced earlier this year in May. While few developments have been made since then, it’s a hot topic among Pokémon fans thanks to the release of Sword and Shield. The cloud feature is planned to link iOS, Android, Pokémon Bank, and the Nintendo Switch systems, allowing trainers to connect from anywhere. Nintendo also plans to add some fun features, like group trading for players all in one location and trading from a smartphone. There’s also the expected ability to bring Pokémon from the Pokémon Bank, Let’s Go games, and Pokémon Go to Sword and Shield. 

Pokémon Bank required a subscription of $4.99 a year (plus a little tax), which was an overall low cost. But this was the first time players had to pay to transfer Pokémon between games. The introduction of a paid feature in place of a usually free one wasn’t popular, but the cost was so low that it was worth it. It’s unknown if Pokémon Home will be a paid service. With the introduction of Pokémon Bank, it’s likely there will be a small cost associated with it. 

Nintendo Online is also a paid subscription that may be required to access Pokémon Home from your Switch. It’s possible that a free, local connection using your own internet will suffice, however.

Pokémon Home is scheduled to release in early 2020. No official release date has been revealed yet. 


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