What time does Pokémon Go Fest 2022 start?

Players can participate from anywhere in the world.

Image via Niantic

This weekend, trainers around the world will descend into the world of Pokémon once again for Pokémon Go Fest 2022, which takes place from June 4 to 5.

The event weekend is held globally, which means that players around the world will be playing while others are still waiting for their time zone’s event. Only players who buy a ticket will have access to the entire event on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5. The ticket also includes a finale that will take place on Aug. 27.

Each day, Pokémon Go Fest will begin at 10am local time and conclude at 6pm. Those who purchased a ticket will have access to Special Research that will lead to Shaymin, special Insence Pokémon that only spawn for those who purchased a ticket, and some bonuses such as an increased chance to find a Shiny Pokémon and worldwide bonuses that are unlocked by completing challenges throughout the day.

Unlike the in-person events in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo, Japan, this weekend, anyone from around the world can purchase a ticket to play in the event. Tickets cost $14.99 and will include this weekend’s event and the finale. The finale’s ticket can be purchased separately at a later date if you miss the June Go Fest, and it will cost $10.99.

There is fun to be had for everyone, regardless of whether players buy a ticket. Those who don’t have a ticket this weekend will still see the rotating habitat that will contain different Pokémon each hour, they will still be able to participate in the Global Challenge Arena on June 5, and there will be a free Special Research on that day too.

Each day will feature a different set of experiences such as the hourly Global Challenge Arenas, new Special Research, and a new Pokémon in five-star raids. Tickets can be purchased on the Pokémon Go Fest website or the in-game shop up until June 4 at 4pm local time.