The Pokémon Company reveals Lugia and Shining Magikarp cards from upcoming 25th Anniversary set

The set continues to be revealed as we edge towards its release.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon fans finally have a sneak peek at a pair of new cards from the Pokémon 25th Anniversary collection launching in Japan in October.

Today, the two cards revealed were Lugia and Shining Magikarp, both branded with the 25th Anniversary logo.

The Lugia card can be found within the booster packs of the Anniversary Collection. The Shining Magikarp will only be found within the promotion booster packs that players in Japan can receive for purchasing four or more Anniversary booster packs, however.

Both of these cards will boast holo finishing, with the Lugia having a standard holo finish while the Magikarp will reportedly have a holofoil pattern similar to that of the recent Pokémon TCG/McDonalds collaboration cards.

As part of the classic collection, Shining Magikarp is a reprint of a card first released as part of the Neo series. This was one of the very first Shining Pokémon to appear within the game.

Both of these cards will likely be translated and released as part of the Pokémon TCG Celebrations set that will launch in the west in October.

Recently we saw two Professor Oak cards that will be included in these sets, as well as other cards that have been previously announced. Fans will need to wait until closer to release to have a clear look at everything that will be included in these 25th Anniversary sets.