The Pokémon Company reveals Professor Oak card from upcoming 25th Anniversary set

It boasts a unique design choice.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Another card from Pokémon OCG’s 25th Anniversary Collection has been revealed by The Pokémon Company, this time a trainer card starring Professor Oak.

The card from Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection is called Professor’s Research and is the very first support card to boast a unique out-of-frame design choice.

Professor Oak’s arm leaves the picture frame and extends down onto the card’s text, where he appears to be writing something of his own.

The set will also include a reprint of the Imposter Professor Oak card from the Pokémon Base Set.

These cards will be holographic, like every other card in this celebratory set will be. They will likely join the English TCG set Celebrations that is set to launch in the west in October. According to a post on Pokémon forum PokéBeach, this card may have leaked online earlier due to theft that took place from Pokémon printing factories.

If you plan on scoring yourself the 25th Anniversary Collection booster packs then you’ll need to purchase them through a lottery system on the PokéCentre Online website. As with other recent sets, only winners of the lottery system will have the ability to purchase the product directly from the shop.

This unique set includes a collection of throwback reprints, mixed in with some newer takes on older themes to celebrate the 25-year history of Pokémon. If you’re a collector, you won’t want to miss out on these limited edition cards.