Sponsored PokéStops offer The North Face and Gucci cosmetics to Pokémon Go players in Japan

It's unclear if players outside of Japan will get items too.

Image via Niantic

Sponsored PokéStops were introduced a long time ago in Pokémon Go, offering items and gifts like regular PokéStops. But those special PokéStops have also started giving out exclusive gifts, too.

Players in Japan have reportedly started to earn exclusive cosmetic items by spinning sponsored PokéStops, according to Serebii. This is a part of a partnership with The North Face and Gucci, which added dedicated PokéStops that reportedly offer branded items.

Image via Niantic

Exclusive items from the event include a forest-themed hat, backpack, and T-shirt. It’s unclear when these items will be available until, though, or if players outside of Japan will get them since Niantic hasn’t disclosed more information yet.

This type of event will likely become more frequent in the future, however. Niantic further developed its sponsored features by opening a self-serve platform in November 2019 to allow more brands to register and get sponsored PokéStops in the game.

The platform entered early access at the end of the year after reviewing applications and those partnerships could take on different forms, such as mini-games and promotional offers.

Pokémon Go players will likely stumble upon more sponsored PokéStops and discover other new features revolving around partnerships later in the year.

Meanwhile, the Unova Celebration week has just started for the mobile game and the New Year Celebration event is reaching its end.