All increased spawns, encounters, and event raids for Pokémon Go’s New Year’s event

Enjoy the new year with some new Pokémon friends.

Image via Niantic

The new year is here. And what better way is there to bring in 2021 than completing some festive challenges, catching rare Pokémon, and having a good time with your friends in Pokémon Go?

There aren’t many things being added in the New Year’s event this year, only a handful of new Pokémon with increased spawns and special attributes, including a Slowpoke wearing 2020 themed glasses. 

New Year Hat Pikachu and its evolutionary line are also making an appearance. And if you evolve the 2020 Slowpoke, it will become a Slowbro wearing special 2021 glasses. Other special Pokémon, like Party Hat Wurmple and Wobbuffet, are also going to be wandering around until the event ends on Jan. 4. 

If you plan on trying to gather all of the New Year’s themed Pokémon before time runs out, here are all the event bonuses, increased spawns, event egg hatches, and event raids you can expect to see. 

Spawn increases

  • New Year Hat Pikachu (shiny available)
  • 2020 Slowpoke (shiny available)

Event egg pool (two kilometer)

  • New Year Hat Pichu (shiny available)
  • 2020 Slowpoke (shiny available)
  • Party Hat Wurmple (shiny available)
  • Wynaut (shiny available)

Event-specific raids

  • One-star
    • Party Hat Wobbuffet (shiny available)
    • Party Hat Wurmple (shiny available)
    • Klink (shiny available)
    • Espurr
  • Three-star
    • Party Hat Raticate
    • 2021 Slowbro (shiny available)

Event bonuses

  • Double hatch Stardust
  • Double hatch Candy
  • Halved egg hatch distance

There are also special New Year’s avatar items available in the shop and new festive stickers you can collect by opening Gifts.