Pokémon TCG Darkrai and Shaymin VSTAR collections headed to Walmart

The exclusive products will arrive for the holiday season.

Images via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG collectors have two new products to get their hands on featuring popular generation four legendary Pokémon.

As reported by Pokebeach, Walmart will get two exclusive VSTAR Premium Collections featuring Darkrai and Shaymin respectively.

In these boxes, you’ll get promo cards of one of the Pokémon including a Jumbo VSTAR, regular VSTAR, and V cards. Also, you’ll get eight TCG booster packs from recent sets including Astral Radiance, Fusion Strike, and more. One VSTAR marker and a Pokémon TCG Live code card are also included.

Neither of these new VSTAR cards is new. Instead, they are reprints of previously released items. What is new are the two Jumbo VSTAR promo cards.

While these are the latest exclusive Pokémon TCG products to be revealed, last week we saw that GameStop will be getting its own exclusive with the Eevee V Collection featuring all of your favorite Eeveelutions.

Prior to that, the big one was revealed; Pokémon TCG will be getting a new Ultra Premium Collection featuring Charizard. In this, collectors will get new alt-art promos of Charizard in all forms V, VMAX, and VSTAR.

Now that the new Darkrai and Shaymin VSTAR collections have been revealed, they will arrive during the holiday season on Nov. 1. With this being the case, fans can kick off their November with these products landing in stores.

If you’re looking for something that will land sooner, the Pokémon TCG Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection is set to arrive on Friday, Sept. 30.