Pokémon 151 TCG prices estimated to dominate secondary market at launch

There are so many possible chase cards.

Image of Alakazam ex casting magic on spoons through Alakazam ex SAR 203 SV2a Pokémon Card 151 card
Alakazam ex | Image via The Pokémon Company

The unique Scarlet and Violet Pokémon 151 TCG set is showcasing reprints of the first 151 Pokémon, and it’s packed with new art and holofoil treatment chase cards that players and collectors will want.

The English version of the Pokémon 151 TCG set is scheduled to launch on Sept. 22, containing over 200 cards with treatments like secret illustration rares and hyper rare gold etched cards. At time of writing, there are only two Pokémon cards from the three Scarlet and Violet sets that are valued at over $50 on the secondary market. The release of Pokémon 151 will likely shake prices up, with multiple cards so far projected to have a value of $50 to $100 and above. 

Each of the Pokémon 151 TCG cards is essentially a reprint, meant to drive the normal prices of cards that are hard to find down, similar to what Wizards of the Coast does with premium set releases like Modern Masters. To make the set desirable for collectors, The Pokémon Company has packed the 151 set with treatments that elevate the chase cards from the normal versions. 

Heading into the launch of Pokémon 151, the most expensive card is Pikachu with the Master Ball holofoil treatment, valued at around $310. The prices of the English cards are based on secondary market values from regions where the TCG has already been released, like Japan on June 16 and other Asian regions on June 30. No Master Ball holofoil treatments are included in the English version of the Scarlet and Violet Pokémon 151 TCG set, making Erika’s Invitation SAR the highest-priced projected card at around $200

The highest priced Pokémon card from any of the Scarlet and Violet sets as of Sept. 16, according to TCGPlayer, is the special illustration rare Iono from Paldea Evolved. The Trainer is worth around $100, followed by the special illustration of Charizard ex from Obsidian Flames, which is valued at around $72 on the secondary market. 

Prices of Scarlet and Violet Pokémon TCG drop significantly after Charizard and Iono, with Miriam from the base set valued at around $40 and Chien-Pao ex from Paldea Evolved priced at around $27. 

Many of the Pokémon 151 TCG prices will likely drop after launch but to what extent is unknown at time of writing. Cards within the set are iconic collectible classics that fans are going to want. Given the lack of high-priced singles on the secondary market, though, it’s also possible that the most expensive Scarlet and Violet cards going forward will have come from the Pokémon 151 TCG set. 

Correction Sept. 18 3:10pm CT: This article previously said that Master Ball holofoils are in the English Pokémon 151 TCG set but that is incorrect and was confirmed on Aug. 27. We regret this error.

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