Niantic is removing certain Field Research Tasks from Pokémon Go due to coronavirus pandemic

Research Tasks are getting a change.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go is receiving yet another change to try and keep players from prioritizing the game over their health during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But this time, Niantic is just removing specific Field Research Tasks.

Specifically, Research Tasks revolving around Pokémon Gyms seem to have been removed from the game today to push players away from trying to take Gyms during this period of social distancing and quarantine. 

Now, when players spin PokéStops, they won’t receive Research Tasks pertaining to Gyms. Instead, they’ll get others pointing them to capture Pokémon or other objectives that can be done from home with the help of additional temporary changes made to the game.

For March, these are the tasks that most trainers were receiving that will now be unavailable if all Gym-related tasks are removed.

  • Battle in a Gym
  • Battle in a Gym five times
  • Win a Gym battle
  • Win three Gym battles
  • Use a Super Effective Charge Attack in seven Gym Battles

Other Research Tasks that involve hatching Eggs and walking specific distances might also be removed in the coming days. It’s unclear what else is being targeted by this temporary fix.

Some players are also calling on Niantic to freeze Gym battles as a whole to keep players from venturing out and taking them down during this period. It’s unlikely that the company will suspend a core mechanic of the game, however. 

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Important changes have also been made to the Go Battle League and shop during this period to allow players to play the game from home more reliably than before. More changes will likely come the longer the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the viability of the game, so keep your eyes on Niantic’s support account for updates when important alterations are made.