Niantic cancel Pokémon Go’s Lugia Raid Weekend due to coronavirus concerns

One more event added to the list of cancelations.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is shutting down another Pokémon Go event due to coronavirus concerns, this time canceling the Lugia Raid Weekend that was set to start on March 24. 

This cancelation comes right after the company made even more changes to Pokémon Go that are making it easier for players to continue playing the game daily despite being stuck at home. 

The Lugia Raid Weekend was supposed to kick off at 3pm CT on March 24 and run through March 31, but now Niantic has completely canceled the entire event. This is an odd call considering the Cobalion Raid Weekend that started last week was extended through March 31. 

Other events like the Abra Community Day, the St. Louis Safari Zone, and competitive tournaments for other Pokémon properties have also been canceled and postponed over the last few weeks. 

There is no word on if this event will be rescheduled or if it is going to be wiped from the calendar completely. This week’s Raid Hour event has also been canceled, meaning the only ongoing event is the Cobalion with Sacred Sword. 

This Lugia event would have given players a chance to capture the Legendary Diving Pokémon once again in both Raids and the Go Battle League. It would have been the first time that players could capture the Diving Pokémon while it knew its signature move, Aeroblast.

More cancelations and changes will be coming to Pokémon Go the longer the coronavirus remains a major health concern, so keep your eyes on Niantic’s social media for more updates.