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Can Stakataka be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Major assembly required.

Ultra Beasts only appear under certain conditions in Pokémon Go, and Stakataka has even harsher requirements than some of the others. But when you do encounter a Stakataka, can it be Shiny

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Stakataka is one of multiple Ultra Beasts that will only appear in five-star Pokémon Go raids, limiting its availability to monthly raid rotations or special events. The Rampart Pokémon has an additional restriction—location-based exclusivity. So while you test your luck with finding a Stakataka raid, here is everything you need to know about its Shiny availability. 

Can you get Shiny Stakataka in Pokémon Go?

Stakataka in Pokemon Go
Big blocks ready to battle. Image via The Pokemon Company, remix by Dot Esports

Stakataka is not available as a Shiny in Pokémon Go. This is another instance of a Pokémon being added to the game and not having its alternate color variant available from day one. And even if it was, the game’s Shiny odds might not play out in your favor, however. 

Stakataka was added to Pokémon Go on May 23 as part of the Ultra Space Wonders event. Blacephalon and Naganadel also debuted during that event, with the usual mixed Shiny availability at the time. And because Stakataka is an Eastern Hemisphere-exclusive raid encounter, that means you need to have a friend invite you to a Remote Raid if you aren’t capable of finding one yourself.

Blacephalon shares the same problems regarding availability, though it is a bit more highly sought after based on its moveset. Meanwhile, Stakataka might not be the best Pokémon for competitive use, especially when you look at other Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go, but at least you can finally catch one.

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