When is Lifeweaver unlocked for competitive mode in Overwatch 2?

Sit tight.

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Overwatch 2’s new hero in season four is poised to provide ample opportunity for creativity and niche utility to everyone’s competitive matches. But if you’re looking to show off your flower power by spamming ranked games as soon as Lifeweaver is released, you better hold your horses.

As is always the case with new heroes in Overwatch, Lifeweaver will not immediately be available in competitive mode upon his release in the game. Instead, players will need to spend some time in quick play if they want to play the plant-based support hero for the first couple of weeks of season four.

Lifeweaver will be unlockable starting on April 11 when season four begins, and during the first couple of weeks that he’s in the game, players will be encouraged to unlock him by leveling up to tier 45 of the season four battle pass. 

Players can also unlock him instantly by buying the premium season four battle pass. This will give players extra time to hone their Petal Platform tricks and Healing Blossom timing before Lifeweaver goes to competitive.

When can you use Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2’s competitive?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver will be available for use in Overwatch 2’s competitive modes beginning on April 24, two weeks after his official release in the game. This gives players exactly two weeks to test him out and learn a few tricks before putting their comp rating on the line.

With abilities like Petal Platform and Life Grip, players will likely want to use all of those two weeks learning the ins and outs of Lifeweaver’s utility that makes him one of the most unique support heroes in Overwatch 2.

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Along with being able to help allies get to high ground, Petal Platform can be used as a crowd control ability to move enemy players. For instance, one could put a platform under an ulting Orisa to prevent her from damaging their team. Meanwhile, Life Grip can be used in tandem with ally ultimates and other abilities to let them execute boldly aggressive plays without fear of things going terribly wrong.


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