When does the Overwatch 2 beta end?

Still a long way to go.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatchis getting ready to finally open its doors to fans from all over the world. Blizzard is still looking to iron out the game before its full release, making each beta important.

Overwatch 2’s PvP beta became available on April 26, giving players a chance to try out the game before its full release. It’s not an open beta, however, meaning players will need to wait for invites to be able to get in.

In addition to receiving invites, Overwatch fans will also be able to secure a beta key through Twitch drops. You can simply tune into a drop-enabled stream and clock in a watch time of four hours to become eligible for a beta key.

When will the Overwatch 2 Beta end?

The current Overwatch 2 PvP Beta is scheduled to end on May 17. Players’ progress in the beta won’t carry over to the official release. The PvP beta is currently available for PC players.

If you’ve signed up for the beta and still haven’t received an invite, know that the invites seem to be sent out to players randomly. Your best option to increase your chances of receiving an invite will be participating in the Twitch drops event while also waiting for an invite.

Though the game still doesn’t have a definitive release date, beta tests can indicate that the developer may not be that far away from the final product.