When does the Overwatch 2 beta start?

When does the new era of Overwatch begin?

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Say goodbye to the six-vs-six era of Overwatch and welcome in the new five-vs-five brawl that the game’s sequel Overwatch 2 is set to offer players as the Blizzard-created game enters a new shift in play.

Nearly six years after the release of the first Overwatch, the sequel of the popular multiplayer first-person shooter is ready to inspire a new level of faster gameplay as well as new heroes to join the ensemble from the original.

Overwatch 2 was initially in alpha and only available to a select group of Blizzard employees and Overwatch pros. That changed at the end of April with the initial closed beta of the game, and there is a second beta round on its way.

When does the Overwatch 2 beta start?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s second closed beta will begin on June 28 at 1pm CT, and it is will be available to select fans who have opted-in. Initially, the number of players with access will be small, but Blizzard intends on adding more players over time. So if you don’t get beta access immediately, don’t fret. You still have a chance of getting in before the beta ends.

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The beta will have a large wave of access grants beginning July 5, and Blizzard’s goal is to give all players that have opted-in beta access by July 14.

Players interested in trying out Overwatch 2 can still sign up through the PlayOverwatch.com website before the closed beta opens on June 28. Additionally, none of the progress that players make in the beta will carry over when Overwatch 2 officially launches.

If you’d like to ensure your access to the beta immediately, you can do so by purchasing the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack. Players who purchase the digital pack will not only get a handful of goodies when OW2 comes out, but they will also get beta access as soon as the beta starts, or immediately after they buy the pack if they purchase it after the beta begins.

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