Submarine Wrecking Ball revealed for Overwatch Anniversary event

Hammond has a mustache and that's all that matters.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dive into Overwatch‘s fourth anniversary with a new, nautical skin for Wrecking Ball. Our favorite hamster gets a literary makeover in the Submarine Wrecking Ball Skin, available when the Overwatch Anniversary event begins on May 19. This is the fifth Legendary skin revealed for the event, following Dragoon Mercy and Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta.

The Wrecking Ball mech has been turned into a seafaring machine in this Submarine skin. Hammond’s usual ride now has circle windows, brass-toned details, and a hatch door. Most importantly, Hammond himself has been given a captain’s hat and a very lush mustache. We’re not sure how a hamster was able to grow a mustache, but Overwatch is full of mysteries.

Submarine Wrecking Ball could exist as a cool skin with no context whatsoever thanks to its fun design, but it appears to have a literary basis. Jules Verne’s classic novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, follows Captain Nemo’s submarine as it chases a supposed sea monster.

Hammond’s appearance resembles that of Captain Nemo and his mech has a few suspicious tentacles hanging around, reflecting the potential of hidden danger. The entire mech is also designed with “fantasy” submarine details instead of the realistic, sleek details one would find in modern submarines.

Submarine Wrecking Ball will be available in Anniversary loot boxes beginning May 19 when the Overwatch Anniversary event kicks off. The skin can also be bought for 3,000 gold after the event launches.