Dragoon Mercy wades into Overwatch’s Anniversary event

The aerial healer gets a stylish scaley skin.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of Overwatch‘s favorite healers is getting another fantasy skin for the game’s fourth Anniversary event. Legendary skin Dragoon Mercy will be released when the event drops on May 19. This is the fourth Legendary skin revealed, joining the ranks of Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta and Masquerade Reaper.

Mercy’s newest skin gives her scaled armor modeled after a dragon. The relatively heavy armor is colored in shades of green, blue, and silver, making her look like she came out of the ocean. Her wings have been modeled after a dragon’s, with an eerie bright green glow.

While the title of “Dragoon” is obviously a quick reference to dragons, Mercy’s skin may have a bit more more to it than really cool wings. In the 17th and 18th centuries, European armies utilized mounted infantry called “Dragoons.” Mercy doesn’t have her own steed, but with her Caduceus staff and ability to fly, she forms her own little army.

The skin also reflects Mercy’s connection in previous skins to both air and water. She was chosen to receive the 2019 Atlantic All-Stars skin, which resembles the armor of a mermaid. Winged Victory, another Legendary Mercy skin, gives her the garb of an ancient Greek goddess residing on an island.

Players will be able to unlock this skin for 3,000 gold when the Overwatch Anniversary event goes live on May 19. Dragoon Mercy can also be obtained from Anniversary loot boxes as a rare drop.