Seoul Dynasty signs three players and a coach

Nine players make up the Seoul Dynasty roster.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty has added three players to its roster: Choi “Michelle” Min-hyuk, Hwang “Marve1” Min-seo, and Lee “Jecse” Seung-soo. A coach, Lee “WhyNot” Juh-yeop, has also been signed to the team.

Three new players bring Seoul Dynasty’s total roster to nine, over the minimum eight players needed by Dec. 1. Both Michelle and Marve1 join Seoul Dynasty from Lucky Future Zenith, the Chinese-owned team that placed first in Overwatch Contenders China season two. Jecse played support for Korean team Element Mystic, which came in third-fourth at Contenders Korea season two, before joining the Overwatch League roster. Assistant coach WhyNot previously worked with O2 Ardeont and MVP Infinity.

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Seoul Dynasty finished the Overwatch League’s regular season in eighth place, a far cry from the championship-winning team it once was. The team struggled to find its footing in season one. Since the regular season’s end, Seoul Dynasty has dropped multiple players from the team: Kim “KuKi” Ki to Los Angeles Valiant, Koo “xepheR” Jae-mo to Florida Mayhem, and Gong “Miro” Jin-hyuk, Moon “Gido” Gi-do, Choi “Wekeed” Seok-woo, and Heo “Gambler” Jin-woo into free agency. Gambler will stay with the organization as a streamer.

The Overwatch League’s roster signing period is ongoing, with all teams able to sign, trade, and transfer players. (Seoul Dynasty has three slots left on its roster, but has not said if it will fill them.) Roster swaps are expected to continue into next year, as the Overwatch League prepares for its season two kick-off on Feb. 14. Twenty Overwatch teams will fill the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in Burbank, California across the week, eight of them making an appearance for the first time.