Some Overwatch fans are convinced the Junkertown Queen is the next hero

Her voice lines recently got removed from the Junkertown map.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

She’s just a disembodied voice once heard over the speakers in Overwatch’s Junkertown map. But some Overwatch fans are convinced that the Junkertown Queen is hero 28.

Blizzard started teasing new content in a cryptic tweet posted last week. The image, called “Posters,” was tweeted with the caption “Calm before the storm” on June 21. There’s a lot of information to glean here. Many fans have zeroed in on the poster of the monkey, which many assume is “Specimen 8,” or Hammond—the monkey that escaped the moon with Winston.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

But there’s another poster obscured by others, far to the right of the image. It’s not easy to see, but it appears to be the Junkertown Queen’s silhouette. Text underneath reads “yard,” but we can assume the full thing is “Scrapyard,” the arena in Junkertown used in gladiatorial combat. It’s the arena where the Junkertown Queen rules from her throne.

The posters could mean anything—maybe it’s a map of Overwatch content to come—but a new development has plenty of fans convinced. Over the weekend, Blizzard reportedly removed the Junkertown queen’s voicelines from the Junkertown map.

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Fans think this is because you can’t have neutral voice lines from a playable character on a map in Overwatch; it’d just be too confusing. Others are pointing to the red herring Blizzard threw into the Brigitte teasers. The first teaser for Brigitte mentioned a guy named Emre Sarioglu, and many fans initially thought he was hero 27. The prominent position of the monkey poster could be a similar move.

We’ll known soon enough if the theory is correct. Blizzard typically doesn’t wait long before unveiling more teasers or clues. Brigitte’s first teaser was posted on Feb. 22 before her full reveal six days later on Feb. 28. We’re on schedule for our next teaser any day now.

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