Brigitte is on Overwatch’s PTR now

She was leaked as the next hero earlier today on the Overwatch forum.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte is officially Overwatch’s newest hero—and she’s not purely a tank like some Overwatch players expected: she’s a “stalwart support hero,” according to the patch notes.

Today’s patch notes leaked early on the Overwatch forum and confirmed Brigitte as the next hero. The forum post was quickly removed, but Brigitte’s hero page and origin story video went live soon after.

Brigitte is now available on Overwatch’s PTR. Her armor-constructing abilities are what make her tank-like—her Barrier Shield, which was teased earlier in the week, absorbs damage and protects allies directly behind her.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

“Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, she can use Shield Bash to lunge forward and stun the first enemy in her path,” Blizzard wrote.

Brigitte is able to create Repair Packs that heal allies and provide armor to teammates, which sounds a lot like a move her father, Torbjörn, has. “When Brigitte is at her strongest, she can activate her ultimate ability, Rally—a galvanizing call to arms that generates a substantial amount of armor for nearby allies and increases Brigitte’s movement speed so she can lead them into battle,” Blizzard wrote.

As for a primary weapon, she’ll use her Rocket Flail to swing in an arc and smash multiple enemies at once. A Whip Shot allows Brigitte to strike from a distance, knocking enemies backward. Each hit grants nearby allies healing over time.