Meet Overwatch’s Junkertown queen

The new Overwatch map gives us a glimpse of the Junker queen.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Move over, Doomfist. We’re now obsessed with a new character referenced in Overwatch’s lore.

Meet the queen of Junkertown. Once just a disembodied voice speaking over the Junkertown Escort map preview, the queen has got many Overwatch players hoping she’ll become a playable character—especially after finding a poster of her on the new map.

She looks badass—not that we didn’t know that before, though.

“Listen up you wretched scum,” she says in the Junkertown video. “I see your struggles. Trying to survive in the wasteland. It’s time to face the facts. The end of the world’s come and gone. Your past lives are a dream. It’s time you woke up. They thought they could take our land and give it to the machines? They were wrong. We won the war. And now we reap the spoils. We built a new world from the ashes. So step into the Scrapyard. No rules. No mercy. Only the strong survive. This is your queen. Welcome to the apocalypse. Welcome to Junkertown.”

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junkertown also features what’s presumably the queen’s throne. And what’s that next to her throne? Two scrappy weapons. One looks like a spear, while the other’s got a terrifying saw blade end. She’s got to be fierce to lead this bunch of junkers.

Though she’s still just a voice and a face on a poster, we do know a little bit more about her. Like the rest of the Junkertown residents, she survived a blast that wiped out the Australian outback, turning it into an irradiated wasteland.

Her experiences have made her a cutthroat leader, ruling over Junkertown with a strict decree. Just like her poster, the queen’s decree is scrawled on the walls of the map.

  1. No omnics
  2. Pay your share
  3. Finder’s keepers
  4. Settle your own scores
  5. Troublemakers will be exiled

Two of those already exiled just so happen to be Overwatch heroes Junkrat and Roadhog. As we learned in The Plan, the two Australian junkers caused a lot of trouble for the queen—they stole a bunch of her money and blew up her “summer shack,” as it were.

Here’s to hoping that more of the queen’s story gets released in the future. Or better yet, we’re hoping that Blizzard makes her a playable character.