Watch this Blackwatch mural come together in Australia

Blizzard hired a group of artists to tease the Blackwatch-themed Overwatch event.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch mural was spotted in Melbourne, Australia in the lead-up to the Overwatch Archives event.

The mural was commissioned by Blizzard Entertainment, and was one of the first teasers that hinted at the Blackwatch-themed brawl. Blizzard posted a time-lapse video on the Overwatch Twitter account over the weekend to show how it came together. “‘So much for keeping a low profile’,” Blizzard wrote on Twitter. “The agents of Blackwatch were mobilized to the streets of Melbourne, thanks to these talented artists.”

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Genji and McCree were the first to heroes to show up on the Overwatch mural in Australia, but both were originally dressed in their standard skins. A few days later, the artist painted over the heroes, dressing them in their Blackwatch attire.

As fans pieced together clues from Blizzard, the Australian artists added both Moira and Reaper to the wall. The piece took four days to complete in total, according to the video.

The Overwatch Archives event (and its new Overwatch Retribution brawl) kicked off on April 10. A bunch of new skins were added to Overwatch alongside the playable content, which also includes last year’s Overwatch Uprising mode. Players have until next week, April 30, to boot up the missions. After that, they’ll head back into the vault, likely until next year. The new cosmetics added for the event are only available until then, too.

Overwatch Retribution’s new map, Rialto, will stay in-game when the event ends—albeit in a slightly different form. A daytime, payload version of the map is currently in testing on Overwatch’s PTR.