Overwatch 2’s Mischief & Magic is hilariously unbalanced—but not for reasons you’d expect

When furniture attacks!

Genji Orisa and Tracer in their Questwatch battle pass skins.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s all-new prop hunt mini-game “Mischief & Magic” has quickly flooded social media with funny videos showing off an abundance of hiding skills, but one unconventional strategy to the game has also swiftly gained attention as well.

The prop hunt game has one team of five take the shape of objects one might find around Blizzard World’s first point, and a team of five Genji players is tasked with finding and meleeing those players.

It appears as though it’s not just the Genji players that can deal damage in the limited-time game mode that is available for the rest of season five, however, and it has resulted in countless videos of props stunning and attacking Genji players to their demise.

That’s right, the furniture can, and will, knock you out if you’re not careful during your time hunting in Overland. Teams that are on the prop half of the game mode have started to regularly hide together in one room and jump any Genji that enters with a flurry of stuns and melee attacks.

A few groups have even gone so far as to all wait at the spawn door and collectively jump the Genji players before they can even exit the room. If the enemy team isn’t prepared for the sneak attack, it’s almost a surefire win for the side of the props, but the strategy is high risk, high reward.

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On the other side of the coin, some players have posted videos to Reddit showing round-saving plays in which a Genji player dashes through four props at one time that are all stunning and meleeing a fellow Genji. Because the props can be taken out with one single melee, attacking hunters is a risky business, but at the same time, the resulting kill cams that include chairs and treasure trunks beating a Genji to death is well worth it.


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