Overwatch 2 streamers are getting ‘hacked’ in the lead-up to Invasion update

This feels like the Sombra reveal all over again.

A new OW2 hero coming in the Invasion update.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has started to tease new content coming to Overwatch 2 by having OW2 streamers get “hacked” as they play the game.

Streamers like Seagull, Flats, and even Shroud were among those who fell victim to the “hack attack” that took over their screens to likely tease the upcoming Invasion update for Overwatch 2, coming on Aug. 10.

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The imagery on-screen included a code that was quickly deciphered by OW2 fans on Reddit. Using a cipher, the message was decoded to say “Invasion is coming” and “Enigma.”

The hacker message also included a video of a hooded figure typing away in true “hackermans” fashion, and a voice saying something that sounds like “I need to get the message out there” or something similar.

The hack likely is themed around the invasion of Null Sector, the big bad robot enemies from the OW2 universe and main antagonists of the new PvE offerings. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess, but it seems as though there will be more teasers like this one between now and the new update’s launch.

Whatever the message truly means, it’s likely being used to generate hype for the large-scale Invasion update. The new update, along with the new season of OW2, will finally bring the long-anticipated PvE mode to the game, alongside a new hero and an all-new core game mode called Flashpoint.

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Overwatch 2’s Invasion update launches in just a few weeks on Aug. 10.


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