Can we please get these Doomfist: Masquerade outfits as Overwatch skins?

New skins could be previewed in the Doomfist comic.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker’s got her masquerade-esque skin, Odette, so why doesn’t the rest of Talon? If we’re going off the new Doomfist: Masquerade digital comic released today, maybe we could receive one soon.

After all, Blizzard did end up releasing a bunch of skins previewed in the Overwatch Uprising comic. An event is not currently scheduled in Overwatch, but Doomfist’s release is: He’ll enter the world of Overwatch on July 27. Maybe some new skins for the whole cast will come with him? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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But for now, we can dream about the possibilities. From slick suits and evening gowns to ridiculous masquerade oufits, there are a lot of options here.

Snazzy Widowmaker and Doomfist

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Formal wear Sombra

Talon bad guy Zenyatta

Joker Sombra

Skull boy Reaper

Shakespearean Doomfist

Overwatch players are expecting a summer games event within the next few months, but Blizzard hasn’t mentioned if it has anything planned. Nothing about these potential skins screams summer—but they are still pretty hot.