Houston Outlaws’ general manager Flame released from organization

He and another manager are out in an apparent change of leadership.

Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
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The Houston Outlaws are back in transition once again. After dealing with an extensive ownership transition in 2019, the Outlaws appear to be making leadership changes while the Overwatch League 2020 season lies in flux. Outlaws general manager Matt “Flame” Rodriguez revealed that, as of March 12, he’s a “free agent” and no longer with the team.

Flame has been the general manager for the Houston Outlaws since the team was built in late 2017, before the inaugural season of the Overwatch League began. Before becoming a general manager, he was an analyst for the Overwatch World Cup and a former flex player for Splyce.

In a series of tweets, Flame discussed his experience with the Outlaws. “Regardless of whatever vitriol I subject myself to reading on social [media] this week I just want everyone to know I left it all on the table and put my soul into making the brand as successful as possible,” Flame said.

Facilities manager Adam “MESR” De La Torre also announced his departure from the team in a much more direct fashion.

MESR was a former player who participated in Contenders Season Zero. Matt “Clockwork” Dias, a former Houston Outlaws player who joined the team as a coach and manager the past two years, also left the team in February to pursue professional competition once again.

The Houston Outlaws organization has yet to make a statement on social media about the leadership transition. All Overwatch League events have been canceled until May 1 due to the coronavirus, so the Outlaws’ next game is unscheduled right now.