Guangzhou Charge is Nenking Group’s Chinese-based Overwatch League expansion team

The company revealed its branding and colors today.

Image via Guangzhou Charge

Nenking Group’s Guangzhou Charge is the first Chinese Overwatch League expansion team to reveal its name and branding. The company chose Charge for the name to express its vision to “lead the esports movement in China and to be at the forefront of innovation,” according to a press release.

The company wanted to create “aggressive and bold” branding to represent Guangzhou as the city’s first esports team. “We want to build an international organization and fanbase, so the goal for our team brand was to create a symbol for Guangzhou that people from all of [sic] the world can instantly recognize,” Guangzhou Charge marketing and creative director Chris Hwang said. “We took inspiration from the iconic sports logos where simple letters have grown to represent an entire city.”

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Guangzhou’s regional area encompasses both mountains and the coast, which is where Hwang said the team drew inspiration from for the colors: Dark blue water, light blue sky, and lush green hills.

Further announcements are expected in the months leading into the Overwatch League’s Feb. 14 start date. Guangzhou Charge has not announced its Overwatch League roster for season two. “We’re so excited to unveil these elements to our fans, and it’s now our job to build this team brand into something that everyone in our region can be proud of,” Hwang said.

Expansion teams began releasing their Overwatch League branding shortly following the official announcement of eight new teams for season two. So far, Toronto, Atlanta, and Paris have announced their names and colors: DefiantReign, and Eternal, respectively. Four teams remain without official branding, but more announcements are expected soon.