ROX Orcas sign first female player to compete in OGN Overwatch Apex

Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon is best known for her world-class Zarya gameplay.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment…/geguri-become-first-female-competitor-overwatch-apex

A Zarya player so good she was accused of cheating has been signed to professional South Korean Overwatch team ROX Orcas.

Joining ROX Orcas, which was announced on Sunday, makes Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon the first woman to compete in the esteemed OGN Overwatch Apex tournament. Geguri was previously a member of EHOME Spear until it disbanded in June—the team never quite made it close to qualifying for Overwatch Apex.

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“I entered ROX because I wanted to further my experience and play with a team again,” Geguri told ESPN. “It hasn’t been long since I’ve started to play a team game again, so yes, there definitely is a lot of pressure. My goal this season is to reach the quarterfinals, and I will be working hard.”

Some may remember Geguri as the woman wrongly accused in June 2016 of using hacks to up her skill. Professional Overwatch players in South Korea began chastising the Zarya player for her prowess on the tank hero, saying she was far too good to be playing without hacks. Geguri later proved herself by playing live on South Korean professional gaming site Inven. And all her accusers found was an incredibly skilled Overwatch player—no cheats necessary.


Blizzard also stepped in to clear Geguri’s name.


Despite being cleared, Geguri hasn’t seen much success in competitive Overwatch, instead focusing her effort most on streaming. She’ll make her Overwatch Apex debut when the tournament returns for its fourth season.