Blizzard is charging Overwatch 2 players money for a Mercy skin that you can effectively get for free

Certainly not something most player will want to spend $13 on.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s shop reset today, and with it, a few highly-anticipated cosmetics were introduced to the game. However, one bundle that is now touted in the shop might not be perceived as the bargain Blizzard likely intended for it to be.

Many players might recognize most, or all, of the items in the Seolbim Mercy Bundle that was added to the shop with the April 18 shop update. The cosmetics, including a Legendary Mercy event skin from the original Overwatch, were first introduced to the game as Lunar New Year event items last January.

Since the move to Overwatch 2, Blizzard has made tweaks to the game’s currencies and the ways that players can obtain legacy content, like older event skins. They have also made Overwatch credits a currency that are easily obtainable through the free track of the game’s battle pass, making it so that players can effectively get their favorite items for characters without opening up their wallets.

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Though Mercy’s Seolbim skin is among the items that players can already get using credits, which do not cost any real money whatsoever, the current shop bundle that players can purchase is listed at a surprising cost of 1,300 Overwatch coins, which equates to around $13.

The skin can be acquired using 1,500 OW credits as well. The sum of credits can be obtained for free by players that complete the free track of a season’s battle pass. Players that purchase the premium track of the battle pass can earn up to 2,000 credits.

Making the older cosmetic obtainable for real money isn’t a completely ridiculous concept because of the timegated nature of OW credit accrual, but considering the skin is something players could easily get without forking out cash if they truly wanted it, paying over $10 for the skin likely won’t feel all that great for many players.


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