Mercy gets a new Legendary skin in Overwatch’s Year of the Tiger event

Drop everything, Mercy has a new outfit.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Everyone’s favorite support hero is getting a new Legendary skin in Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event for 2022.

In Year of the Tiger, Mercy gets a new skin called Seolbim, revealed by Blizzard this afternoon. “Seolbim” is a kind of traditional Korean clothing worn during New Year celebrations—and Mercy looks as dashing as ever in this outfit.

Year of the Tiger kicks off tomorrow, Jan. 25, and will run through Feb. 15, giving players ample time to unlock the Legendary skin, which will likely release for 3,000 credits and be available in special Year of the Tiger loot boxes.

The seasonal event traditionally contains limited-time modes like Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Blitz, and Bounty Hunter. It’s unclear if any other new gameplay elements will be added in this year’s iteration.

What you can expect, though, is more skins. Seasonal events like this one usually contain a number of new skins, both Legendary and Epic. Last year’s event, Year of the Ox, saw five Legendary skins released alongside.

Stay tuned throughout the day for more Year of the Tiger skin reveals ahead of its release tomorrow.