A screenshot of Doomfist holding up his big, golden fist. He is manly.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Best Doomfist counters in Overwatch 2

Don't be so doom and gloom, you can take him.

In previous seasons, virtually every one of Doomfist’s abilities was buffed making him a nuisance to battle. Now, in season nine of Overwatch 2, Doomfist is a bit less strong.

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Most counters require assistance from teammates, but here are the best ways to make Doomfist’s life even worse in Overwatch 2.

How to counter Doomfist in Overwatch 2

A screenshot of Doomfist holding up his big fist to the camera. What a macho man he is.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the arrival of season 9 in Overwatch 2, tanks are having a rough time. Larger projectile hitboxes, more health and passive healing for every character makes it tough for any tank to start dealing damage and taking out foes.

Doomfist received two buffs likely as a response to every character’s increased health pools. Said buffs increase his max impact damage from 50 to 75 and his max wall slam damage from 30 to 40. Not anything too crazy, but buffs are buffs.

Unlike many of the other tanks, Doomfist has no shield. This means his health can be chipped a bit more reliably, but season 9’s self-healing passives mean you’ll want to keep the pressure on him when you’re in a fight. Additionally, his punches can break shields and level skyscrapers. This is something the opposing team has to understand. Engaging in close combat with a Doomfist will leave a crater in your face.

This is why we mentioned he lacks a shield. Heroes who can pump major DPS at Doomfist’s surrounding teammates while he is diving are essential to shutting him down. Especially now that attacks from a DPS character reduce the healing their target can receive. If a team does not know how to play around and support their Doomfist, a Soldier, Ashe, Widow, Hanzo, etc., can tear him apart.

Below, we have the best counters for Doomfist. So, if you are struggling and constantly being punched into next year, read on to better your strategy for your next Doomfist match.

DPS counters to Doomfist


Pharah Default Skin
Pharah can do great damage from above. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This flying hero will have an easier time against the mainly grounded tank because Doomfist’s close-range weapons won’t have much chance against a character who can reach the heavens.

Pharah can fly above the metal-armed tank, and with a Mercy pocketing her, Pharah will easily take care of the enemy Doomfist.

But the way to counter this is by bringing in some hit-scan DPS. Heroes like Soldier: 76 will have an easy time against a Pharah, but hopefully, your Supports will be able to keep you alive long enough to handle their Doomfist first.


Echo Default Skin
Soar above Doomfist and do damage from the air. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As long as you’re in the air, you’ll be away from an enemy Doomfist. Echo’s abilities are great to chip away at Doom’s health as he dives in to take down your supports. Pair this with Orb of Discord or Ana’s Biotic Grenade and a sleep dart; you can take a Doomfist down a peg or two.


Mei Default Skin
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Since Mei’s tweaks in Overwatch 2’s fifth season, her primary fire can slow down a Doomfist dramatically. Her ability to avoid being picked on by Doomfist makes her a viable character in this scenario. Her Cryo-freeze makes it harder to get picked off by a pouncing Doomfist.


Sombra with her submachine gun
Hack Doomfist and protect your supports. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra’s hack ability leaves more than enough time to make a dent in an opposing Doomfist. Waiting for Doomfist to try to pick off one of your supports and then hacking him to keep him in place is always an easy tactic.

Tank counters for Doomfist


Orisa Default skin
No Doomfist wants to see this. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa has various tools in her kit that make a Doomfist’s life incredibly difficult. Her Javelin is great for stunning a Doomfist while he’s over-aggressed, and her speed is high enough to help you protect your support and damage teammates.

Orisa’s Fortify grants her with a temporary 125 health. This will make Doomfist’s life much harder against the enemy tank and won’t allow him to bully her.


Reinhardt default skin in Overwatch 2
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Typically, using Reinhard against Doomfist wouldn’t be suggested, but it can prove helpful in certain situations. Utilizing Reinhardt to annoy and keep Doom at bay on maps with forced choke locations has proven relatively successful.

Healing counters to Doomfist


Zenyatta Default Skin
Keep that Default Orb on Doomfist. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord will make a Doomfist’s life much harder. They’ll have to be more careful, as each blow from Zenyatta or any other teammate will do significant damage. Doomfist is great at taking on that back line of supports, so you’ll have a hard time avoiding him as Zenyatta. But playing off your teammates with an Orb of Discord will make a Doomfist think twice.

Tip: Keep an eye on that Doomfist

When you’re playing as Zenyatta, it’s important to keep in mind that your orb of discord only stays on your foes as long as they’re within your line of sight. Once that LoS is broken, you’ll actually have to wait for a short cooldown before you can reapply an Orb of Discord.

While Zenyatta is every tank’s nightmare, he is highly vulnerable. He has low mobility and cannot escape a tank if engaging in close combat. Playing behind your teammates and out of sight from the enemy will be more beneficial than trying to face a tank, like Doomfist, head-on.


Lucio Hand on hip Default
Skate and skid around Doomfist with high mobility. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lucio is a speedy hero. He’ll speed around any player beside him, running on walls and catching players by surprise. Doomfist will struggle to land a punch on Lucio if he’s running all over the place.

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