Zombies to return to Call of Duty: Mobile

The fan favorite mode is back.

Image via Garena

The Zombies game mode will be returning to Call of Duty: Mobile “later in the year.”

The map Shi No Numa will be available in the Chinese version of the game "soon" while the rest of the world waits for the return of the game mode, according to a community update from the r/CallofDutyMobile subreddit,

If you haven't caught up with the official storyline of CoD's zombies mode, it's a doozy. It went from a simple game of survival during World at War, released 2008, to a time traveling, space-faring, retrofuturistic mode where the story spans centuries.

Since the initial mode, Zombies players have fought off hordes of the undead in the Pentagon, a Roman-esque gladiatorial arena, and Siberia, where you can fight a boss modeled after George A. Romero, the Night of the Living Dead series mastermind.

The mode remains popular, especially on mobile. Since the mode was taken away from the platform on March 25, 2020, it's been a little over a full calendar year since zombies were last seen on CoD: Mobile.

CoD: Mobile surpassed $14 million in player spending in China during the first week of its availability. Gaming is exploding in popularity, and it only makes sense that the most accessible form of gaming, on mobile phones, is leading the charge.