ZEUS Esports win PMPL South Asia league stage, 16 teams qualify for the finals

The top 16 teams will compete in the finals later this week to decide the champions.

Image via Tencent

After three weeks of intense action in the league stage of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia season three, Z3US Esports have been crowned the champions.

The league stage began on March 23 and ended today. A total of 20 squads from across the region competed for a spot in the finals and a share of the $95,000 prize pool.

Mongolian team Z3EUS Esports, who were directly invited to the event, put up a dominating performance in the competition. With five chicken dinners and 241 kills in 45 matches, the team accumulated a total of 447 points, 55 ahead of the second and third-placed team.

In terms of placement points alone, Z3US Esports placed fourth. Their aggressive nature and the huge number of kills propelled them to the top of the rankings table.

With 392 points, DRS Gaming and Trained To Kill were tied for the second position. Both teams had the same number of chicken dinners (five), so the team with more placement points was given the second position. DRS Gaming, which had two more placement points came in second.

The top 16 teams have made it to the PMPL South Asia season three finals, which will happen from April 15 to 18. It has a prize pool of $55,000 and the best nine squads will progress to the South Asia regional finals in the summer.

Here are the standings of the PMPL South Asia regular season.

Qualified for finals

  1. Z3US Esports: 447 points
  2. DRS Gaming: 392 points
  3. Trained to Kill: 392 points
  4. Carnage Esports: 378 points
  5. Deadeyes Guys: 357 points
  6. Skylight Gaming: 351 points
  7. A1 Esports: 349 points
  8. Venom Legends: 340 points
  9. Stalwart Flex: 327 points
  10. 7Sea Esports: 319 points
  11. HighVoltage: 308 points
  12. PN Crew: 277 points
  13. 1952: 202 points
  14. Seal Esports: 197 points
  15. Team F4: 161 points
  16. R3D Esports: 155 points


17. XB Blood Legion: 124 points
18. Seal Nine: 123 points
19. FutureStation: 90 points
20. INES: 74 points