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Zayt shows how easy Fortnite’s Drum Gun can negate defensive plays

Just press W and shoot.

Image via Epic Games

The people have chosen: The Drum Gun deserves to be back in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The powerful weapon was brought back to the game last weekend when players voted for it during The Unvaulting event, and it’s very likely that the gun is staying for a bit longer.

But this voting system means some people don’t agree with the decision of the majority, and competitive Fortnite players are especially annoyed about the return of the Drum Gun. NRG player and Fortnite World Cup finalist Williams “Zayt” Aubin used an alt account to show exactly why he hates the weapon.

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Zayt had three Drum Guns in his loadout—way too many. “I’m having a lot of fun. Just griefing all these kids for the fucking Drum Gun, I’m having a lot of fun,” he said. He ran into an opponent who was using The Baller, sprayed the vehicle down and, as he describes it, eliminated them “only holding W.”

Zayt was showcasing how powerful and versatile the Drum Gun is. It can shoot 45 bullets per magazine, its rate of fire is really high, and its accuracy is good enough to make it a good weapon in close quarter combat. If any person just walks forward while shooting down an opponent structure with the Drum Gun, they’re likely putting enough pressure on them to get the advantage and the elimination in the end, like Zayt did. Especially on lower levels of play, that’s an important issue.

In competitive play, the Drum Gun can become a huge problem since it allows its user to force opponents to burn down their materials to protect themselves against a single magazine of the weapon. In a building-oriented meta like we’ve been seeing in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, the Drum Gun becomes a problem and a huge threat to which players have no effective counters.

Fans and professional players will learn how the Drum Gun will actually affect professional competitions next weekend, when the week five qualifiers for the World Cup will take place, probably with the Drum Gun enabled. Until then, we’ll have the season nine debut, which could bring a nerf to the gun and make it a little less menacing.