Finnish Fortnite duo almost qualifies for World Cup after facing 2 bugs in one match - Dot Esports

Finnish Fortnite duo almost qualifies for World Cup after facing 2 bugs in one match

One of them couldn't even get into the match.

Image via Epic Games

A Finnish Fortnite: Battle Royale duo scored 82 points in last weekend’s World Cup Qualifier, but the game doesn’t recognize their accomplishment.

Their final score on the European server’s standings is 72, apparently due to a bug that blocked the game from adding up points from their last match. Additionally, in this last match, one of them played alone due to another bug that locked the second player in the lobby.

This extremely-unlucky duo is Rogue’s Riki and free agent Viallinen, who shared videos of both bugs happening to them. The queue bug that locked Riki out of their last match happened when they were already looking for a match in the last minute of the tournament, while the 10 solo points Viallinen got in that match were gone after he was eliminated, as if he’d never played it.

If at least Viallinen’s points were taken into account, the duo would’ve ranked seventh in Europe, three points away from qualification. If Viallinen had eliminated the opponent who took him down, he would have scored two points for placing fifth and another for the elimination, which could guarantee the duo a spot in the Finals. This made the Fortnite competitive community wonder how much better the duo’s performance would’ve been if Riki had joined the match.

Riki has no idea what caused the bug on his end since other players queued as a duo in the last minute when he was trying to. “In the Fortnite stream, they said nikof and airwaks got into the same game with 10 seconds left,” Riki told Dot Esports. He explained that they still had two games left to play when they queued, so they were eligible to play another match and were within the three-hour qualifier window.

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While some people on Reddit are saying the duo should qualify for the World Cup due to the bug, Riki just cares for compensation about the scoring issue. “I think we should get our points (82) and the winnings from it and the exposure you get being on the first page,” Riki said. The duo would almost double its earnings with that adjustment, going from $1,800 to $3,500.

Riki said he and Viallinen have already reached out to Epic Games about the issue and have yet to get a reply. “We would want Epic to fix this bug for the future events so nobody else has to go through the same,” Riki said.

Dot Esports has reached out to Epic Games for comment.