Wild Rift: Summoner Series unveiled for North America with $50,000 prize pool

Wild Rift esports has finally come to North America as well.

Image via Riot Games

Nerd Street and Wisdom Gaming have partnered with Riot Games to bring the Wild Rift: Summoner Series. The open-for-all event for North American players will feature three circuits with the best teams making it to the regional championship. It has a total prize pool of $50,000. 

Each circuit will have two open qualifiers leading to a major where $5,000 and slots to the regional championship will be up for grabs. These will be played from July to September 2021 and shall decide six of the teams in the regional championship. Following the three circuits, a last chance qualifier will also be held in October to decide the final two teams in the NA regional championship.

The open qualifiers for each circuit will feature a similar format. Thirty-two teams will compete in two sets of best-of-three groups. The top eight from each qualifier will play a single-elimination bracket. In the circuit one major, the top four teams from the qualifiers one and two each will qualify. In the second and third circuits, the top two teams from each qualifier will make it to the major. The remaining teams in the second and third major will qualify from the previous circuits. 

Each major will feature eight teams, who will compete in a best-of-three double elimination bracket with the exception of the finals which will be a best-of-five. The top two teams of the circuit two major and top four teams of the circuit three major will make it to the NA regional championship. 

In the last chance qualifier, 256 teams will compete in a best-of-three group stage. The top eight teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket with the top two making it to the regional championship. 

Eight teams will compete in the regional championship to crown a North American champion. It will be played in a double elimination bracket and has a $35,000 prize pool. 

The complete schedule for the Wild Rift: Summoner Series is as follows: 

Circuit one 

  • Qualifier one: July 26 and 27
  • Qualifier 2: Aug. 2 and 3 
  • Major: Aug. 7 and 8

Circuit two 

  • Qualifier one: Aug. 16 and 17
  • Qualifier two: Aug. 23 and 24
  • Major: Aug. 28 and 29

Circuit three

  • Qualifier one: Sept. 6 and 7 
  • Qualifier two: Sept. 13 and 14 
  • Major: Sept. 18 and 19

Last Chance Qualifier 

  • The LCQ will happen from Oct. 1 to 3. 

NA Regional Championship 

  • The schedule for the regional championship hasn’t been announced yet.