When will PUBG Mobile’s new Arena map Hangar release?

The TDM, arena training, and gun game modes can be played on the new map.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.4 has introduced the Titan Strikes mode, over-the-shoulder shooting mode, and Coupe RB sports car to the vehicle selection. Another exciting feature, a new arena map called Hangar, will be added to the game on a later date.

Tencent has confirmed that the Hangar map will be available on June 1. The map is set on a ship and is scattered with shipping containers and other supplies. There is a helicopter at the center of the map.

The map is fairly large, and the containers provide a lot of cover to the players. Players will be able to engage in close to mid-range battles on it.

There will be three supported arena modes in Hangar– team deathmatch, arena training, and team gun game.

  • Team deathmatch:
    • The first team to reach the target number of kills will achieve victory. It has unlimited respawns.
  • Arena training:
    • It’s similar to the TDM mode with one key difference: players will be able to select any weapon from the spawn point.
    • They aren’t required to set up a loadout before the game.
  • Team Gun Game:
    • In this mode, all players will begin with the same weapon.
    • The weapon will keep upgrading on getting more kills.
    • The first team to eliminate the opponent with the final weapon, the pan, will achieve victory.
    • In case this doesn’t happen, the team with the higher score when the countdown ends will be the winner.

Until the map debuts next month, players can enjoy the Titan Strikes mode in PUBG Mobile. In this, titans from the sci-fi movie Godzilla vs. Kong have ascended into the maps of the battle royale game. Players will be able to encounter Godzilla, Kong, and the Mechagodzilla through this mode.