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When does Fortnite’s season 6 end?

Your deadline to get that Dire outfit is early December.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale is in its sixth season. It started on Sept. 27 after the infamous and mysterious purple cube took over Loot Lake and made it a floating island. A lot has happened since then—the floating island and the cube are gone.

Many players are wondering when this season will end as we approach week 10 of the Battle Pass challenges. We’re sure something big will happen in-game when season six ends, and it will change the Fortnite island to some extent. But players might not know when this will happen.

Fortnite’s sixth season ends on Dec. 6. That’s the deadline for players to complete their Battle Pass challenges and grab their rewards up to the Dire outfit on tier 100. Any challenges to upgrade outfits earned in season six, like Calamity and Dire challenges, will still be available for players who earned these outfits after the season ends.

The special Hunting Party challenges will be gone for good, though. Players who want to unlock the A.I.M. outfit as a reward for that set must complete seven weeks of challenges from the season six Battle Pass—both the free and premium challenges.

You don’t have to complete the first seven weeks of challenges, just any seven weeks you choose. If you’re stuck on a certain challenge, skip that week and try to complete another before the season ends.

Secret Battle Stars and Banners will also become unavailable for players who didn’t grab them in season six.

If you’re a bit late on your challenges and really want that Dire outfit, you better start rushing to upgrade your Battle Pass tier. As soon as season six ends on Dec. 6, Fortnite’s season seven will start with a brand-new theme and an exclusive Battle Pass.