Fortnite's Hunting Party skin is underwhelming—just like the last few seasons - Dot Esports

Fortnite’s Hunting Party skin is underwhelming—just like the last few seasons

But why though, Epic Games?

Screengrab via HYPEX

The Hunting Party skin was found in a datamine this morning following the Fortnite: Battle Royale v6.22 patch.

The skin, which is rewarded for completing seven out of 10 weeks of battle pass challenges, features a robot character that looks like a knock-off crossover of the heroes Bastion and Zenyatta from Overwatch. Hunting Party has Legendary rarity and is called “A.I.M.,” after the term for aim assist cheats, “aimbot.”

The Hunting Party also has a backbling that appears to display the amount of kills that a player attains in a single game. 

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Similar to the past two seasons, which rewarded players for doing weekly challenges, the Hunting Party is pretty disappointing considering the large amount of effort required from players. It looks like Epic Games made a simple robot model and slapped some sweatpants onto it. A.I.M., The Visitor skin (from the season four Blockbuster Challenges), and The Enforcer skin (from the season five Road Trip Challenges) are somewhat bland in comparison to other skins that Epic Games usually puts in the item shop and in later tiers of the battle pass.

For some people, it takes a lot of time to do six challenges per week for seven weeks of a single season. The task becomes increasingly more difficult when the challenges are tedious and require several drops to attain, like the progressive challenges that were introduced this season and the challenges that require opening several chests in distant points of interest.

Hopefully Epic Games will make the season seven mystery skin better than the last three.