When are the Pokémon Go Unova Champion Throwback challenges and rewards available?

Not long to wait now.

Image via Pokemon

For the past few weeks, trainers in Pokémon Go have been handling a series of weekly challenges all in the name of unlocking cool rewards from Kanto to Sinnoh.

Now that Sinnoh’s event is over, however, we’re finally in the endgame with a champion event on the horizon that will spawn certain Galar Pokemon for the first time as well as Unova Pokémon for trainers to grab.

But where is it? Sinnoh is nowhere in sight and the game doesn’t seem to have anything on it at the moment.

That’s because the event wasn’t scheduled to start as soon as Sinnoh’s ended. Instead, it’ll run from June 3 to 8. That’s a smaller time frame than the other weekly challenges, but for good reason.

Everyone who completed the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh challenges will be able to participate for free while those who didn’t complete all four will instead be able to take part by purchasing a ticket for $7.99 from the store when the event starts.

The event is quickly approaching. You’ll be able to grab Pokémon like Galar Stunfisk and Galar Meowth with the pass while other Galar Pokémon such as Zigzagoon and Darumaka will be added to 7km eggs.

That means all of their evolutions will become available, too. So excuse us, we’re off to get an Obstagoon.