What to expect in CoD: Mobile season 5: Maps, modes, and more

A lot of new features will be released throughout the season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season five is here. It’s called In Deep Water and has introduced a lot of new features to the game.

This includes a new multiplayer map (Suldal Harbor), operator skill (K9 unit), perk (Gung-Ho), and weapon (CR-56 AMAX). Other than this, a lot of other features will be joining the game throughout the season. Here’s what you can expect from CoD: Mobile’s season five.

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New Map: Docks

  • The map will be released in early July.
  • The small map is set in a shipyard on the River Thames in London.
  • Being a really small map, it will only support the Gunfight mode.

New Map: Aniyah Incursion

  • It will be released in late July.
  • The map features a bombed-out palace surrounded by military supplies and housing, which provide cover to the players.
  • It will support the Ground Mission mode and Attack of the Undead.

Battle Royale Class: Rewind

  • It will be released in late July in a seasonal challenge. Players will be able to unlock it for free by completing some missions.
  • The BR class is also known as the Time Traveler. It will have resistance to explosives and also allow players to glitch back in time.

New Mode: Cranked Confirmed

  • The new mode will be released in early July.
  • As the name suggests, it is a mixture of the Cranked and Kill Confirmed modes in CoD: Mobile.
  • Players will enter the cranked mode with a combat boost but will die after the timer runs out. The timer can be extended by getting kills or confirming them by picking up dog tags.

New Mode: Ground Mission

  • It will be released in mid-July.
  • The Ground Mission is identical to the Domination mode but with two key differences.
  • It will feature 10-vs-10 combat and have five capture points.
  • Rounds will last 10 minutes with the first team to reach 300 points achieving victory.

New Weapon: Shorty

  • The new gun will be released in a seasonal challenge during mid-July.
  • The Shorty is basically the 725 from Modern Warfare. Now, the weapon has made its way to CoD: Mobile.
  • The double-barrelled shotgun does devastating damage in close range.


  • Featured Event (Sea of Steel): Early July.
  • Credit Store (Charm – Dinosaur): Mid-July.