What New World server is Fextralife playing on?

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Image via Amazon Games

Fextralife is a popular gaming community and network known in part for its livestreams on Twitch and YouTube videos.

Based in Europe, Fextralife is almost assured to have a strong presence on whatever server and faction it ends up on.

Fextralife is playing New World on the Central EU server Hades, which has a Vanaheim Zeta world set. It has also chosen to play on the Covenant faction, according to streamersonnew.world.

If you’re interested in playing with streamers, be prepared to wait in a queue. Many popular streamers are on highly populated servers that are experiencing long queue times. 

You can earn Twitch drops for New World by watching Fextralife for the first two weeks of the game’s release. Fextralife’s Twitch channel is one of many that are a part of the drops program.