What is the Raid Day Legendary Night for Pokémon Go Fest 2021?

Why is there a giant Egg in Chicago?

Image via Niantic

Day two of Pokémon Go Fest 2021 has started rolling out in certain regions, and Niantic hosted a special event in Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park to mark the celebrations.

This event, titled Legendary Night, featured a 50-foot prop in the shape of an Egg. Originally, the giant Egg functioned as just a prop with some visual effects and doubled as another Gym. At 9pm CT after day one of Go Fest, however, it became a massive video display for players in the area and via livestream on YouTube

Niantic installed the Egg in the park on July 14 and labeled Legendary Night as “an immersive experience where the virtual Pokémon Go world meets reality.” The developers also boosted the number of Gyms in the surrounding area of Maggie Daley Park, making it a hub for players during Go Fest. 

Since the start of the livestream, the Egg shifted and turned into a massive Raid Egg. Legendary Pokémon appeared on the display after it hatched, along with the Raid Timer that showed how long the players in the park had to defeat the Raid Boss. 

The first Raid featured Mewtwo appearing out of a very familiar ring-like construct, with the second raid being for Giratina.

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Between raids, the Egg also lit up with the logo and some visual effects depicting which of the three Pokémon Go teams—Instinct, Mystic, or Valor—controlled the Gym associated with it. The display also rotated through all three teams on a set cycle between each raid. 

Niantic didn’t end up using Legendary Night to announce anything, it was simply a visual tool to enhance the Go Fest experience for players in Chicago and as a spectacle for those watching from around the world.