What is the pumpkin limit in Pokémon UNITE’s Halloween Festival event?

It might seem bad, but there is an easy workaround.

Images via The Pokémon Company

The Halloween Festival event is live in Pokémon UNITE, and with it comes a lot of new items, Holowear, and content to match the spooky atmosphere of the season. 

Running from Oct. 20 to Nov. 7, players can collect pumpkins by participating in battles, logging in daily, and completing challenges listed in the “Events” tab. 

The pumpkins can be exchanged for a handful of items, including a Unite License for the newest playable Pokémon Greedent, a witch’s hat for your avatar, and more. However, TiMi Studio also cautioned that “not all players will be able to obtain all rewards by the event’s end.” 

This is likely referencing the static number of pumpkins listed in the Events section as rewards, meaning that once you collect them all, there won’t be any more available to help you unlock those items. 

As of the event’s launch, it appears that players can get the following number of static pumpkins: 

  • Halloween Log-in Bonus
    • 57 total pumpkins for logging in for 14 days between Oct. 20 to Nov. 7
  • Halloween in Mer Stadium
    • 39 total pumpkins for completing challenges in the limited-time event game mode

These are just the static pumpkin totals listed in both of the event tabs. TiMi have also added a “Pumpkin Box” item that will give players a random number of pumpkins when opened. These can be obtained by playing Halloween in Mer Stadium or by exchanging two pumpkins in the Pumpkin Exchange menu. 

Without counting the randomly given pumpkins from those Pumpkin Boxes, players will only be able to get a total of 96 guaranteed pumpkins if they log in for 14 days and complete all of the challenges. That makes it impossible to collect all of the event-exclusive items unless you get lucky with high-roll boxes, since the exchange items total 160 if you ignore the multi-use redemptions for Pumpkin Boxes and 1-Day Battle Point Boosts. 

However, while it looks impossible to collect all of the items with that 96 pumpkin limit, you can actually make it work simply by opting to not use the Pumpkin Exchange to get your Greedent Unite License. 

Greedent’s Unite Licenses costs 70 pumpkins, which is more than half of your static total. You can instead opt to purchase Greedent normally from the Unite Battle Commission for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems, which will free you up to buy all of the other items. 

You can use the Pumpkin Exchange until Nov. 10, so make sure you redeem all of your event currency before then.