What are Pudding keycaps?

Shine bright.

Image via HyperX

Pudding keycaps are keycaps with a translucent design that allows more lighting to shine through the keycaps’ sides. These are excellent options for users who want to highlight the RGB lighting of their keyboard. 

Stock keycaps vary for each keyboard, but most mechanical keyboards include backlit keycaps to allow RGB lighting to shine through from the board. 

Pudding keycaps take shine-through lighting a step further. These keycaps include translucent sidewalls, allowing more light to beeld out from beneath the keys. Fans of RGB lighting should explore pudding keycaps to help their custom lighting stand out.

Multiple companies make reliable, high-quality keycaps. HyperX has one of the most popular options that come in black and white. These double-shot keycaps are made with a high-quality PBT material, meaning they should last for a long time and stand up to heavy usage. 

Anyone looking for pudding keycaps should make sure they are compatible with their keyboard first. Most pudding keycaps are compatible with MX-style switches, but some keyboards and layouts might require specific keycaps. 

Pudding keycaps are an excellent and inexpensive way to upgrade your keyboard. Many mechanical keyboards come with RGB lighting, and the pudding keycaps will help the lighting pop.

Remember to be careful when removing and adding new keycaps to prevent any damage to the switches or stem. 

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