Best left-handed keyboards for gaming

Game comfortably.

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Left-handed gamers are often overlooked when it comes to PC peripherals. However, with specifically tailored gear, left-handed gamers can game comfortably and perform at their best. 

There are a couple of types of left-handed gaming keyboards on the market. The first is a full-size keyboard with a numpad. For left-handed gamers, a left-sided numpad brings accessibility and comfort. For example, gamers can comfortably reach the numpad to access their programmed macros and actions on a left-handed keyboard. 

The second option is a keypad. Keypads come with all of the keys needed for gaming, along with the key mapping customization one would expect from a gaming keyboard. With a keypad, left-handed gamers can comfortably game and occupy less desk space doing so.

Best overall 

Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard 

Image via Bloody Gaming

The B945 gaming keyboard comes equipped with a complete 104-key layout and a left-handed numpad. Bloody designed the B945 keyboard specifically with gaming in mind and includes its proprietary Light Strike switches. The Light Strike switch is a tactile orange switch with a .2-millisecond response time. Not only do the Light Strike switches give users a fast response time, but they also produce that satisfying clicking sound users expect from a mechanical keyboard. 

Additionally, Bloody equips the B945 with a few quality-of-life features every gamer can appreciate. For example, the B945 has a full n-key rollover to register simultaneously key presses and prevent ghosting. In addition, the ergonomic wrist rest helps reduce wrist strain when playing for long hours. Finally, for RGB lovers, there is fully customizable backlighting via the Keydominator 2 software. 

On top of its gamer-friendly features, the B945 is also durable. Its base is aluminum, and the whole board features a water-repellent coating.

Best programmability

Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

Image via Razer

Gamers often overlook keypads, but they’re a solid alternative to full-size keyboards. Not only do they come equipped with all the essential keys for PC gaming, but they also take up a fraction of the space. This blend of function and performance makes keypads perfect for FPS gamers who need more desk space to line up the perfect shot. The keypad also features a comfortable palm rest for ergonomics.

Razer didn’t equip the Tartarus V2 gaming keypad with your traditional mechanical keys. Instead, Razer skipped using mechanical keys in favor of mecha-membrane switches. Mecha-membrane switches are essentially rubber dome switches accompanied by a small spring. These switches simulate the feeling and sound of a mechanical click while giving the soft touch of a membrane keyboard. The choice between mecha-membrane and mechanical is down to preference, so buyers should confirm their switch preference before purchasing.

There are 32 keys on the Tartarus V2, each with the ability to be programmed to any action or hotkey. Macro customization will be the most appealing feature of this keypad for MMO and RTS gamers. Razer Synapse allows gamers to configure each key with an intricate macro to complete multiple actions quickly. On top of this, gamers can press the Hypershift button on the side of the device to quickly switch profiles, effectively doubling the number of hotkeys available.

Additionally, the Tartarus V2 has fully customizable RGB lighting users can sync up with other Razer products using Razer Synapse.

Best non-RGB design

DSI Left-handed Mechanical Keyboard

Image via Amazon

The DSI Left-handed Mechanical Keyboard connects to a PC through a six-foot USB cable and features a full 104-key layout with a numpad situated on the left. In addition, the DSI Left-handed features Cherry Red switches. Cherry Red switches are light and give users speedy response times with minimal spring resistance.

Like the B945, the numpad being closer to the WASD cluster means it can be accessed more comfortably by left-handed users, which is perfect for games where you need to map extra keys, such as MMOs. However, you won’t be able to customize and apply macros like the Razer devices on this list. The DSI Left-handed Mechanical Keyboard is a solid option for users who dislike gaming keyboards’ flashy appearance and prefer a sleek black keyboard without the RGB. 

Best budget-friendly design 

Redragon K585 One-Handed Gaming Keypad

Image via Amazon

The Redragon K585 is another keypad that’s made its way onto this list. What makes this keypad unique is its low price and its switch options. Gamers can choose between Blue or Brown switches for the Redragon K585. Brown switches are decent for anyone sharing a space with others and are conscious of sound, whereas the Blues are the loudest, clickiest switch you can buy. 

In terms of customization, the Redragon K585 has everything expected of a gaming keypad. It has seven programmable macro keys with over 28 macro settings. Although you can’t program every key into a macro, seven is still enough for a majority of gamers. 

For visuals, the Redragon K5585 glows with its fully customizable backlighting. Additionally, this keypad doesn’t completely ignore ergonomics. The Redragon K5585 has a wrist rest for comfort that can easily be detached via magnets. 

Best egonomic design 

Delux T9 46-Key Single-handed Wired Gaming Keyboard

Image via Amazon

The Delux T9 is a more ergonomic keypad than the Razer Tartarus V2. Not only is its design ergonomically focused, but Delux’s T9 comes complete with a backlight and multimedia buttons.

Delux’s T9 isn’t a mechanical keypad, but it stands out with its ergonomic design. It achieves this through its diamond shape, making it easier to interact with the center keys. Additionally, the wrist rest cushion gives gamers the comfort they need for long play sessions. In addition, multimedia buttons let users adjust their volume quickly, navigate to a web browser, and mute their microphone. 

Unfortunately, the keys aren’t programmable, so you won’t be able to add macros. However, while it’s not a fully programmable keyboard, it has all the keys gamers need like WASD, QER, etc. 

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