Unicorns of Love unveils new PUBG Mobile team

It has brought in several new players as the organization looks to secure a slot at the PMGC 2021.

Screengrab via Unicorns of Love

After releasing most of its PUBG Mobile roster in July, Unicorns of Love unveiled its new lineup in the mobile battle royale game today.

UoL’s PUBG Mobile team features Lin “Llin” Davide, Wei “Gk1st” Jiawang, Rolandas “Rolkis” Paliukas, Nicklas “Fresh” Komander, and Shi “XT” Xiangtian.

While Fresh has been retained from the older team, the remaining four players are new. GK1st, Llin, and XT have been brought in from Panda, which won the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Western Europe last June. Rolkis was formerly a part of Lazarus, which placed fifth in the first season of the PMPL North America in April.

With this new team, Unicorns of Love will be looking to dominate PUBG Mobile during the fall season of 2021. In the first season of the PMPL Western Europe, the organization placed sixth and failed to make it to the PMPL EMEA, after which it announced that several roster changes are in store.

Currently, the team is sitting in second place in terms of overall points from the first season of the PMPL Western Europe. Only the team with the most points from both seasons of the PMPL Western Europe will qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021, though. Panda is sitting in the first place right now, but will find it hard to retain this spot after three of its players moved to UoL.

With a sixth-place finish in the first season, UoL will receive a direct invite to the PMPL Western Europe season two according to Liquipedia. The schedule for the competition hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be held around late September.