Tyler1 concocts conspiracy theory about LCS finals interview

We should all sleep easier now that we know the truth.

Screengrab via Tyler1

At this weekend’s LCS Summer Split finals, LCS stage interviewer Ovilee May asked popular League streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp a few questions relating to the ongoing Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid matchup.

During the interview, the LCS production team decided to have some fun at Tyler1’s expense (and height). The cameras panned down to Tyler1 and Ovilee’s feet, where it was shown Tyler1 was actually standing on a box next to a barefoot Ovilee, presumably to make Tyler1 appear taller. But Tyler1 wasn’t having any of it during his first stream since the interview, and he laid out the ultimate conspiracy theory.

“Okay, so this right here,” Tyler1 began as he showed a screenshot of Tyler1 on a box next to Ovilee. “So this is actually paint [as he pointed at his own feet]. This right here is paint. Oh, by the way, she’s actually wearing 8-inch heels painted as human feet. Crazy. I know, right?”

But Tyler1 wasn’t done, as he listed everything that was edited to keep the public from knowing that Tyler1 is actually a tall human being.

“My feet were right on the ground,” Tyler said. “This box is fake, these shoes are fake, these socks are fake. I would say about…right here [pointing to his knees] are all fake. Do you guys know how much you can do with a fucking green screen and a fucking paint can?”

Now that we now know the truth, we can all sleep better at night.