Twitch Rivals to host Pokémon Go catch-and-battle event on Oct. 13

High-profile Twitch streamers will start from scratch and battle it out.

Image via Niantic

Niantic and Twitch are partnering with Samsung to bring Pokémon Go to the Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown stage on Oct. 13. 

Twitch Rivals ft. Pokémon Go will begin on Oct. 13 at 5pm CT, with “high-profile streamers” teaming up to compete in a multi-part tournament. 

The event itself is being called a catch-and-battle, meaning it’s split into two parts and will have each part focus on one aspect of the game. First, players will have a set period of time to catch as many Pokémon as possible, which will then be the only Pokémon they can use in the battle portion of the competition. 

Here are the full format details for Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokémon Go:

  • Phase one: Catch
    • Teams will catch as many Pokémon as possible over the course of one hour. These Pokémon will be used to create their battle parties. 
    • Each player will be using new Pokémon Go accounts that include unique gameplay settings that fit the event. 
  • Phase two: Battle
    • Trainers will use the Pokémon they caught during the initial phase of the event. Teams will battle in a round-robin tournament using a unique ruleset that will “add a new level of depth and strategy” to the competition. 

You can spectate the entire event on the official Twitch Rivals channel or by watching the perspective of any competing player. The full ruleset, roster, and further event details will be shared in the near future.